I just have a book fetish OK?

Confession time: I love paper books. Paperback, hardcover, I don't care as long as it's paper. It's probably one of my most environemnt-unfriendly passions, although paper can be recycled and trees regrowth. Still, I suppose it would be better with ebooks, not to say much more practical for space (every house move is a nightmare). … Continue reading I just have a book fetish OK?

I'm watching His Dark Materials and I'm loving it, but ... Dammit, I have to read the book again. I read it like two or three years ago, but I sorely need to re-read it. It's one of those books with a thousand layers and meanings, I feel like I haven't got the whole of … Continue reading

Everybody's an artist nowadays

Everybody's an artist nowadays, and that's a good thing. I'm convinced it greatly improves people's lives to learn new skills, and use them to create or do something they like. It doesn't have to be a job of course. If everybody used a little bit of their time to learn or be creative, whatever form … Continue reading Everybody's an artist nowadays

Writing again/Sto scrivendo di nuovo

Writing again. It's just been little more than a month since the last time I worked on my second book, and it felt like forever. I get so nervous and irritable when I'm not working on my projects. I need them. They're what gets me through the day, the reason around which I've organised my … Continue reading Writing again/Sto scrivendo di nuovo


Sometimes fixing your story is like trying to sew up a garment with a very limited amount of cloth: you close a hole in the plot and you open other three. A volte aggiustare la propria storia è come cercare di rammendare un vestito con molto poco tessuto: chiudo un buco nella trama e ne … Continue reading Gruyère/Groviera