Please consider donating for the Amazon rainforest

In the article, there’s a nice list of charities that work to protect it. Personally, I know none of them – so I cannot give you any advice – and I ended up donating to a local one of the country where I live in, but I suppose any of those can help. Give a look at their websites, check which one you like best, and please do consider donating.

I know there is a lot of shit going on in the world and we cannot possibly donate for everything, we have to choose our battles. But if you have money you can spend, consider giving some for the Amazon rainforest. This world runs on money, and often charities are up against organizations and people with more power and money than them. With money, suddenly you have a lot more power. They need help. It’s important, ’cause that forest is a lung for our planet, and it helps getting rid of CO2, and if we let these forests burn down we’re even more in the shit than we’re now already, and if we don’t stop the current change in climate we’re going to be fucked big time.

So please, do consider donating.


Sexists are castrating themselves

I mean, maybe women don’t feel so much like fucking sexist idiots who treat them like objects anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just a theory.

A teeny tiny note though: here I interpret shitty appearance as being unclean/not even being able to wash my freaking boxers, and not as being ugly. I hope the author of the meme thought the same. It’s totally fine to not be conventionally handsome/beautiful. It’s totally fine to be ugly, or fat, or skinny. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most importantly it’s in your own: what matters is that you like yourself and try to have the body you want. Let’s not give more fuel to ridiculous beauty standards which pressure also men.

Stupid meme time

Have you had a chat with your demons today? You have to dedicate them time you know.

(I’m on vacation so you’re going to get only stupid memes for a while. And maybe for a while later too as I’ll have to play piano for many hours to recuperate and I have to finish the second book and start editing the first for the 26th time or something like that and oh my god, did I say I was on vacation? XD)


See longer down for English.

Nominare questo blog quando invio il manoscritto o non nominarlo? Questo è il dilemma. Da una parte, molti apprezzano che l’autore sia attivo sui social. Dall’altra, se lo visitano ora la prima cosa che troveranno sono le recensioni su Chernobyl, che è roba fuori di testa, da far scappare chiunque. Per non parlare di quello che viene prima, che forse è pure peggio. Devo veramente andare ad accendere un cero alla Madonna, qua ci vuole un miracolo. Proprio io, quello giusto XD

Beh sapete che faccio, io lo nomino, almeno per quelli che dicono di essere interessati a una presenza sui social. Peggio di così* non può andare in ogni caso.

*o meglio, può sempre andare peggio. Ma a volte penso che se osassi essere più aperto, potrebbe anche andare un poco meglio.

To mention this blog when I send my manuscript or not not mention it? That is the question. On one side, many appreciate the author being active on social media. On the other side, if they visit it now the first thing they’ll find are the reviews about Chernobyl, which is some seriously bonkers shit and would make anyone run away, fast. To say nothing of what comes before, that’s maybe even worse. I really need to go and lit a votive candle, I need a miracle here. Me, of all people XD

Well, you know what, I’ll mention it, at least to those who say they’re interested in a social media presence. It can’t be worse* than this in any case.

*or better, it can always be worse. But sometimes I think that if I dared be more open, it could also go a tad better.

Somebody made a “Friends” inspired Chernobyl intro. Seriously.

I’ve never watched “Friends” in my whole life so I don’t get any potential references, yet I found it hilarious. Yes, we are all going to hell for this but I already had a one way ticket for it so why not get down there a legend?

No but seriously watch it. I mean it’s just. Oh my god. And Bryukhanov? Oh my god. And Toptunov lying his head against the pipes as if he’s in the middle of some love crisis? Oh my god. It gets funnier and funnier the more you watch it, trust me XºD

And do you know what this means? It means I AM NOT ALONE.